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Bug Birthday Party

Bug Birthday Party

Bug Birthday Party

Kids are captivated by bugs. If you’re looking for birthday party ideas for your little insectologist, why not try a creepy-crawly bug theme birthday party? Your child will be able to spend some time playing bug-themed birthday party games, and they’ll make memories while learning interesting facts about insects and their homes.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can host a creepy-crawly boys’ birthday party!

Bug Birthday Party Decorations

There are many ways you can decorate your home for a bug birthday party, depending on the bugs your child likes:

Cut hexagons out of orange construction paper and tape them to the wall for a “beehive.”
Fill the room with the “beehive” with yellow balloons (“bees”), and put fake flowers with a few yellow balloons in the other rooms (to imitate the gardens where bees go to get their nectar).

Worms or caterpillars:
Create a giant worm or caterpillar crawling up your wall by taping brown or green birthday balloons in a squiggly line going up the wall in one room.

Ask the guests to dress up in their best “ant” costume, fill the house with green balloon clusters (“trees”) and gigantic cutouts of human footprints, and set up a picnic-themed scavenger hunt to a room decorated to look like a picnic! (maybe where the snacks are?)

Hang white streamers everywhere, and float a few black balloons (“spiders”) in dark corners. Give kids a small prize (like a fun-sized candy bar) whenever they find one!

Bug Birthday Game Ideas

If you’re entertaining half a dozen children, you’ll need a few good games to help them use up all that kid energy! Here are a few bug-themed spins on classic games:

“Pin the bug on the leaf”:
Just hang a teardrop-shaped green poster board cutout and use bug stickers!

Bug Birthday Party

Scavenger hunt:
Print off pictures of different bugs in your area, go into the backyard, and challenge the kids to find as many as they can in 10 minutes (or 5 minutes, or whatever works for your group).

Bug Birthday Party

“Ant Charades”:
Ants will communicate to each other when they’ve found food - through movement. Instead of having kids act out random people and things, have them act out different food items an ant would be happy to find.

Insect-Themed Treats

Of course, the food is the highlight of any kids’ party. Here are a few simple birthday party snacks you can make that are sure to be a hit:


New “Worms In Dirt”:
Lay gummy worms between the layers of a cake for a gooey surprise!

Bug Birthday Party

“Green Snail”:
Fill a slice of celery with veggie dip, then place a slice of cucumber standing up into the dip to look like a green snail.

Fruity Caterpillar - or Butterfly (or moth):
Skewer grapes to make a “caterpillar,” or stick two graham cracker squares into half a banana for a “butterfly” (or a moth)

Bug Birthday Party

However you decide to celebrate, be sure to involve the birthday child in the planning - they’ll love the memory of helping you create bug-themed birthday party decorations and bug party snacks, and you’ll have more fun, too!


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